AcuRate is a Digital Platform designed to integrate the results from acupuncture clinics (and related disciplines) associated with the project. We aim to receive your data, organize it using AI, and analyze it using contemporary epidemiological methods. Our Objective is to enable clients to stay informed about optimal outcomes in the field of Acupuncture, allowing them to compare their results and empowering them to update their practices or acquire any necessary skills they may lack. Join us now to improve clinical decision-making, enhance patient outcomes, and streamline practice management.

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26 de abril de 2024

Despite the growing body of research into acupuncture, which in percentage surpasses the progress made in conventional medicine, acupuncturists often find it difficult to ensure that their clinical results are the best possible acupuncture treatment for their patients, within scientific indicators. Peer-to-peer comparison is therefore impossible because it depends on validated standardised questionnaires and a comprehensive system that integrates them.
In addition, the acupuncture service market is constantly developing and is expected to almost double in the next ten years.


The project

Acurate, allows data to be analysed from epidemiological studies using statistical analysis and Artificial Intelligence resources to obtain exploratory results, making it possible to compare best practices and results between peers, even more so with a global scope, is not available on the market.


On the AcuRate platform you'll find:

  • Reports with the latest advances in evidence
  • Analysis of treatment data
  • Individual statistics with efficacy compared to peer standards
  • A worldwide community of acupuncturists
  • Calendar management


What makes us unique 

  • Internal statistics
  • Comparison with cases of other professionals (peer-to-peer comparison)
  • Suggestion of the best protocol based on the patient's profile
  • The possibility of communicating with professionals from all over the world
  • The last piece of evidence summarised (reports)
  • Use of artificial intelligence and analysis algorithms
  • The possibility of subscribing as a professional or as a clinic



Who will benefit?

All people receiving acupuncture intervention will benefit!

Acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, and other health professionals interested in an interactive approach.

Clinics, from professionals to managers.


Why should you support our campaign?

We are committed to bringing innovation to the practice of acupuncture, making it more effective and accessible for everyone. With our platform, we will not only empower practitioners with relevant clinical data, but also enable more personalised and effective treatments for patients.

Your support will not only drive the evolution of traditional Chinese medicine, but also open doors to a future where health is more effectively managed and everyone has access to quality care.
Join us and be part of this transformative change in healthcare!


Who we are? 

Edmundo, is a certified acupuncturist with 12 years' international experience. He is currently working on his master's thesis in public health, where he is researching the use of conventional medicine and complementary medicine in people with chronic pain.
Maria, is an occupational therapist with a master's degree in health education and experience in project management in the field of health and technology.

For us, this project means the ability to utilise our knowledge in the service of a therapy that has demonstrated its potential over the years and to give definitive support to its inclusion in modern healthcare.



Until now 1st semester 2024 2nd semester 2024 2025 and beyond
Developing the idea Creating the first version of the platform and the analysis algorithm 1st version of the platform 1st sales
Developing the business plan Establishing partnerships Beta testing Maintenance and improvement of the platform and algorithm
Creating communication channels Creating the community Marketing and dissemination campaigns Events and publicity campaigns
  Collecting data Continued data collection Continued data collection


We want to build a community that will help us co-create this project.


Join us at:

Instagram: @acurate_






Necesidades del proyecto

  • Funding for the development and maintenance of the platform;
  • Creation of a community of health professionals who can collaborate, share knowledge and contribute to the development of the platform;
  • Active participation by professionals in the development and maintenance of the platform, as well as its dissemination and use;
  • Establishing strategic partnerships with associations, educational institutions and clinics;
  • People interested in the project with expertise in different areas;
  • Publicising and increasing the visibility of the project; creating online and face-to-face marketing campaigns.

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Excited to be a part of this project! May it relieve the pain of many, and advance our field in great success!
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A brilliant idea!
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A very promising platform for the practice of acupuncture! Waiting for news!
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An amazing initiative! the world of Acupunture is grateful for your project. Much luck to the team. Can't wait to use it :)))
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